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' " He laughs; it is the just one instant the place he would seem somewhat self-deprecating. "I just insist on considering the very best of men and women."

He apologises consistently for the weather, that is unseasonably muggy. Commonly the ocean can be seen with the terrace, but currently There's just a greyish haze in the distance.

, have also been most effective sellers. Both of those the exterior and interior of your home are shades of sandy beige. A replica in the New York Times

Franzen has come in for his share of criticism for your way he writes woman characters: Purity, For illustration, encompasses a lady so intent on redressing the unfairness of gender change that she insists that her spouse pees sitting down down, that has been read to be a sexist stereotype of the controlling girl.

vt (= compel) → zwingen; to pressure any individual/oneself to complete a thing → jdn/sich zwingen, etw zu tun; he was forced to resign → er wurde gezwungen zurückzutreten; (= felt obliged to) → er sah sich gezwungen zurückzutreten; he was compelled to conclude that … → er sah sich zu der Folgerung gezwungen or gedrängt, dass …

in or into operation; Doing the job or efficient. The new legislation is now in drive. geldig; in werking ساري المَفْعول валиден em vigor v platnosti in Kraft i kraft; gældende σε ισχύ en vigor, vigente jõus, jõusse معتبر؛ قابل اجرا voimassa en vigueur לְהַחִיל प्रभावी na snazi érvényben van diberlakukan í gildi in vigore 効力のある 효력을 발생하다 galiojantis būt spēkā beroperasi van kracht i kraft, gjelde check out this site w mocy معتبر em vigor în vi­goare действующий; в силе v platnosti v veljavi na snazi i kraft ทำให้มีผลบังคับใช้ yürürlükte olma 生效 чинний عائد ، عملدرآمد ہونا có hiệu lực 生效

pluck, plunk, decide on - pull frivolously but sharply that has a click for info plucking motion; "he plucked the strings of his mandolin"

(= extort, attain by power) → erzwingen; he pressured a confession from or from me → er erzwang ein Geständnis von mir; to pressure an mistake (Activity) → einen Fehler erzwingen, den Gegner ausspielen

kragtig; kragtige بِقُوَّه силно vigorosamente silně wirkungsvoll stærkt; kraftfuldt ισχυρά enérgicamente võimsalt با قدرت voimakkaasti vigoureusement בּעוֹצמָה רַבָּה जोरदार तरीके से snažno, uvjerljivo erőszakosan dengan kuat með afli vigorosamente 強力に 강력하게 tvirtai spēcīgi; iedarbīgi penuh bertenaga krachtigkraftfullt, krampaktig potężnie با قدرته vigorosamente puternic убедительно energicky močno snažno kraftfullt ความมีอำนาจ kuvvetle 強有力地 переконливо مؤثر طور پر mạnh mẽ; sinh động 强有力地

compel, obligate, oblige - pressure somebody to carry out something; "We compel all pupils to complete this type"

I remark on the uncanny aspect of this for an Australian Once i get there. "Individuals Never realise These are an invasive species," he replies, Potentially mistaking what I am declaring for admiration or passion.

stretch - pull in opposite directions; "Through the Inquisition, the torturers would extend their victims moved here on a rack"

If you'd like to possess me.' [The individual in command of organising the invitation] explained, 'Certainly we would love to Have you ever.' But I think that's a little bit unique from, 'I would like to return and do occasions in Australia'."

Does this resonate with any of Franzen's individual emotions about fame? He claims not. It turns out he is describing someone besides himself. He mentions his Close friend, the novelist David Foster Wallace, who struggled with melancholy and fully commited suicide in 2008.

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